About us
We take your skin, body, and mind seriously. Redefining skincare one product at a time through thorough Scientific Research & Botanical Actives.

Our Story, what we Live by

Founded in 2019, we wanted to build a company that created a positive impact across the globe, with real values and a relentless dedication to product. In our eyes, the most beautiful things in the world are all people. There are no rules as to how a person needs to look, just an emphasis on each individual's Very Unique Beauty.

Mazi Beauty - As a company, we wanted our brand to reflect who we are and the values we hold.
Mazi, meaning ‘together’ in Greek, sets the tone while we move forward and strive to to set more realistic exceptions to beauty, together.

We promise to help you achieve harmony from skin to soul. Your skin is a remarkable organ, and our goal is to provide a true portrayal of skin at any age, in every shade of beautiful.
Ingredient Philosophy

You’re in good hands when it comes to our products. We keep our ethos simple: no compromises.

Botanicals, Science & Real Results

Every formula is crafted at the Mazi Beauty HQ in Miami, where leading scientists innovate with powerful internationally sourced botanicals that work hand-in-hand with proven clinical ingredients.

Clean Beauty + Science

Our skincare products are Made in the USA but formulated to more stringent EU standards. As there are no government regulations surrounding the definition of 'clean' in the United States, we look to clean beauty authority groups such as industry experts and major retailers for guidance and formulate products in accordance with the requirements of the European cosmetic industry