My skin is Mostly Oily

Oily Skin is when your skin makes a lot more oil than usual. This oil is called sebum and it helps keep your skin moisturized and protected. But when you have Oily Skin, your skin makes so much sebum that it can make your face look shiny, greasy, and slippery.
Here's a Ritual that can take your Oily Skin from a shine to a Healthy Glow:
BME PORE Purifying • Facial Cleanser
STEP 1 • ☼ ☽

A nourishing (and pH-balanced) cleansing gel that gently clarifies, and re-energizes

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Don't forget to double-cleanse!

LUR Red Algae • Eye Serum
STEP 2 • ☼ ☽

Rebalances the appearance of the eye area and reduces the look of dark circles, and uneven skin tone

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Can be used throughout the day for a quick fix-me-up!

NME Revival • Serum
STEP 3 • ☼ ☽

Gorgeously youthful, healthy, vibrant. Multi-functional blend of superpower ingredients that promote a fresh and balanced skin

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Apply to damp skin after cleansing & eye serum for better and quicker absorption

NME Plump • Moisturizer
STEP 4 • ☼ ☽

Gorgeously plump, glowing, balanced. Boost skin’s resilience against the effects of stress & environmental aggressors

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Apply immediately after serum on still damp skin and let absorb. Finish with SPF in the morning