My skin has an Oily T-Zone & else Dry

This combination can be a bit tricky to deal with, but there are ways to manage it. The 'T-zone' refers to the forehead, nose, and chin - the area of your face that forms a 'T' shape.
On the other hand, the skin on the rest of your face may be dry, which means it doesn't have enough oil. So, you might have an Oily T-zone and Dry Skin everywhere else.
Here's a Ritual that that helps you address both, leaving your skin Balanced & Healthy:
BME PORE Purifying • Facial Cleanser
STEP 1 • ☼ ☽

A nourishing (and pH-balanced) cleansing gel that gently clarifies, and re-energizes

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro tip: Don't forget to double-cleanse!

Luscious Strawbery • Exfoliator
Super Add-on • ☼

Gently sloughs away dead skin to reveal a more radiant, fresh, and smooth complexion with each use

Use: Morning 2-4 times a week

Pro tip: Scrub your skin, leave the product on for a minute, scrub again, then wash off

LUR Red Algae • Eye Serum
STEP 2 • ☼ ☽

Rebalances the appearance of the eye area and reduces the look of dark circles, and uneven skin tone

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Can be used throughout the day for a quick fix-me-up!

NME Revival • Serum
STEP 3 • ☼ ☽

Gorgeously youthful, healthy, vibrant. Multi-functional blend of superpower ingredients that promote a fresh and balanced skin

Use: Morning & Evening

Pro Tip: Apply to damp skin after cleansing & eye serum for better and quicker absorption

Kiwi Bounce • Moisturizer
STEP 4 • ☼

Buildable texture to add layers or a lightweight nourishing cream. A basis for every season, climate, or how your skin’s feeling

Use: Morning

Pro Tip: Rub cream in hands, apply immediately after serum on still damp skin. Apply lighter on T-zone

RMH Jojoba • Night Cream
Step 4 (evening) • ☽

Intensive overnight replenishment to skin. Wake up glowing with a fresh, healthy look. Radiance is restored

Use: Evening

Pro Tip: Apply lighter on T-zone and richer else. If your T-zone is too greasy, finish with serum only